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3323 Walters Avenue, Northbrook IL 60062
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May 18, 2023

With community input, the District completed and adopted a ten-year Comprehensive Master Plan which includes an annual Capital Improvement Plan. Community input conducted with this planning has indicated a priority for maintaining the District’s current assets. The Leisure Center Renovation Project has been identified by staff as eligible for a Park and Recreational Facilities Construction Program (PARC) grant award through the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). This grant application is a priority as Northbrook Park District continues to enhance our community by providing outstanding services, parks and facilities through environmental, social and financial stewardship.

The Leisure Center is home to a variety of recreational programs for all ages from tots through seniors. A renovation of this facility would facilitate increased opportunities in three of the top eight priorities for investment as identified by the community in the recent Comprehensive Master Plan Update including Adult General Recreation, Art Classes and Senior Center Programming.

The District has engaged Wight & Company to conduct evaluations of existing facility conditions and engage stakeholders, staff and the Board of Commissioners. The scope of the changes will be informed by community stakeholders who participate in senior, preschool, performing and cultural art classes and theatre productions.

The project deliverables will include two items: a Grant Scope and a Concept Plan. The Grant Scope will align select facility improvements and program spaces with grant requirements. The Concept Plan is a long-range plan implemented in phases to ensure a successful future for this facility for generations to come.


Proposed Concept Plans


Community Input Open House

On Wednesday, May 24, 2023, Northbrook Park District hosted a Community Input Open House for the Leisure Center Renovation Project, facilitated by Wight & Company, from 4p-6pm in the Williamsburg Room at Northbrook Leisure Center, located at 3323 Walters Ave, in Northbrook. Community members were invited to discuss the project with staff members and project consultants, view the concept design plans, and provide feedback on this facility.

Community Input Survey Now Closed


Frequently Asked Questions

PARC grants offered through the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) are available to units of local government that are authorized by Illinois law to expend public funds for the acquisition and development of land for public indoor/outdoor park, recreation, or conservation purposes are eligible to apply for funding assistance.

The priority of the program is the renovation or construction of indoor recreation facilities. PARC Grant covers 75% of capital project cost for most applicants.

PARC grants must be used for “bondable” or “brick and mortar” projects. Eligible capital expenditures include (but are not limited to) demolition in preparation for recreational development, site preparation and improvements for indoor/outdoor recreation purposes, utility work for indoor/outdoor recreation purposes, reconstruction or improvement of existing buildings or facilities for indoor/outdoor recreation purposes, expansion of buildings/facilities for indoor/outdoor recreation purposes, and new construction of buildings/structures.

Leisure Center Wood Floor Replacement Project - Courtesy of Google EarthLeisure Center Wood Floor Replacement Project

April 3, 2022
Project In Progress

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Accessibility Improvements

This project includes engineering for a new ADA sidewalk from the west parking lot to the Leisure Center. Facility users and Senior Center visitors currently walk through the parking lot to access the building. In addition, engineering will be completed for pathway repairs in Indian Ridge Park. The new concrete will also correct uneven surfaces and improve drainage. Engineering will be completed in 2023 with construction planned in 2024.

For more information about this project, contact us by email or call 847-291-2960.