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Pickleball is a newer sport that combines elements from badminton, tennis and wiffleball. The sport is played on a court with the same dimensions as a doubles badminton court. The net is similar to a tennis net but is mounted two inches lower. The game is played with a hard paddle and a polymer smaller version of a wiffleball. Drop-in with your paddle during select times and enjoy the game! We also offer outdoor courts at a few of our parks where patrons are encouraged to drop in and play.

Pickleball Court Rules
Help the Park District provide an enjoyable pickleball season by following the court rules posted at all facilities. Players must wear shirts on the courts and soft, rubber-soled shoes; black-soled shoes are not allowed. Only authorized pickleball instructors are allowed to conduct lessons on Park District courts. The courts should only be used for pickleball activities. The Park District is not responsible for items left behind. A patron with an authorized permit from the Park District has priority over walk-on players.

Drop-In Pickleball
Drop-in with your paddle during select Open Gym times at Techny Prairie Activity Center and enjoy a game! Visit to view the schedule.

Pickleball Court Rentals
Indoor Pickleball Court Rentals
To guarantee the availability at Techny Prairie Activity Center, Northbrook Park District recommends renting a court. The fee is $35 per hour per court for residents and $45 per hour per court for non-residents. There is a $10 discount for TPAC members. Rental times are limited. Call 847-770-6651 or book online through

Outdoor Pickleball Court Rentals
Park District outdoor courts operate on a first-come, first-served basis. However, anyone who wants to reserve a specific court can arrange a rental at $15 per hour for residents or $20 per hour for non-residents by calling 847-291-2993. Stonegate Park rentals may be reserved online. League play and lessons are allowed only by permit.

Pickleball Tournaments



Adult Pickleball Boot Camps

Pickleball Boot Camp

Ages: 18 Years and Older
Location: Stonegate Park

Players will be divided by level and placed four to a court with 90 minutes drilling and 30 minutes supervised match play. Themes include attacking serve returns, hitting better third shot drops, varying the pace of the ball and getting to the net faster. For players at advanced beginner and low intermediate level. Taught by IPTPA Certified Professionals Ken Herrmann and a daily guest pro.



Adult Pickleball Classes (Summer)


Pickleball Skills Clinic – Beginner

June – August 2024

The beginner classes are designed to help players understand the scoring, rules and foundational techniques in order to get on a court and play recreational games. Students will also learn foundational skills such as the ready position, how to hold a paddle and techniques for serves, returns and volleys. Instructors will provide players with safety information on equipment and court etiquette and attire. Demo paddles and pickleballs are provided. Bring your own water bottle and towel. This session is recommended for new players who have never played or tried playing a few times.


Pickleball Skills Clinic – Advanced Beginner/Low Intermediate 

June – August 2024

Designed for those who have already completed a beginner session, this clinic reinforces basic strategy to familiarize players with the rules, scoring and court positioning. The program is recommended for players who have only played a few times who feel like they are beginning to understand the game but would like to make sure they are playing correctly. Instructors will lead drills and game play to improve fundamental skills and doubles play.


Pickleball Skills Clinic – Intermediate

June – August 2024

This class is suited for players who currently play at a 3.0-3.5 skill level and are looking to hit every ball with a purpose. This class focuses on technique and creating consistency and accuracy on multiple intermediate shot selections including dinking, third shot drives and drops, block volleys, overheads, lobs and court positioning. This class will also focus on understanding strategies behind these different shot selections.


Pickleball Skills Clinic – Advanced

June – August 2024

Advanced players learn strategy and tactics, split steps, serve and returns, dinks and 3rd shot drop, how to slice and put top spin on the ball. Each week includes 60 minutes of instruction and 30 minutes of supervised game play.


Youth Pickleball Classes (Summer)


Pickleball Skills Clinic

June – August 2024

Join our Youth Pickleball Skills Clinic to learn rules and, scoring as well as the basic skills and strategies needed to play the popular sport of pickleball. Equipment is provided.

Private Pickleball Lessons

Call 847-291-2993 or email Matt Papale to set up one-hour lessons. Private lessons are available for beginner, intermediate or advanced level pickleball players.

Private Pickleball Lesson

One-on-one pickleball training helps players improve skills to reach their goals. Work with a private instructor as they help you engage in proper techniques and drills that take your play to the next level.

Semi-Private Pickleball Lesson

Semi-private lessons offer one of the best ways to improve your game quickly, allowing focused instruction in a group setting with some friendly competition and opportunities to build and refine the fundamentals.

Participants1 Person2 People3 People4 People
Fee Per Hour$80$85$90$95


Adult Pickleball Leagues

Open to Residents Only

Due to the high demand and interest of Pickleball Leagues, staff will be conducting a random lottery for Pickleball Leagues (open to residents only). Entering the lottery does not guarantee a spot in one of our leagues, but if selected during the lottery, you will be given one of your choices in order of availability. The Pickleball Lottery will open on Friday, April 12 at 9am and close on Sunday, April 21 at 6pm. After the lottery closes, participants will be notified on Monday, April 22 if they have been added to the league of their choice and will be given directions on how to complete registration and payment.

Lottery Closed



Spring Co-Ed Pickleball League

April 8 – June 3, 2024

Register individually for our Co-Ed Pickleball League. This fun, social and competitive league allows you to play with a variety of players each week as you look to make your way to the top court. Each week participants will play five games.

18+ Intermediate
60+ Intermediate
18+ Advanced


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