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Moving Forward 2026 (2021 Update)


Comprehensive Master Plan (2021 Update)

The Board of Commissioners approved the Comprehensive Master Plan: Moving Forward 2026 in February 2017, which provides direction shaped by the community to guide Northbrook Park District facility and program development for ten years. In March 2022, the Board of Commissioners approved an update noting the progress made and provides detail for the remaining five years of the plan.

The process for the updated plan began in Spring 2021 with revisions to the inventory and analysis of park and open space assets, indoor facilities, and community demographic makeup. Staff, stakeholders, the Park Board of Commissioners, and the community then shared their opinions about the District’s parks, facilities, programs, and needs.

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2023 Capital Improvement Plan


Capital Improvement Plan

The Capital Improvement Plan is Northbrook Park District’s forecast of facility and park improvements including the repair and replacement of existing equipment and vehicles. With the completion and adoption of the District’s 2016-2026 Comprehensive Master Plan, a 10-year Capital Improvement Plan has been developed with community input and will be updated annually to serve as our road map to define priorities and projects.

The process begins with the submission of project requests by each Division. These projects are reviewed and evaluated by members of the Senior Leadership Team with input from knowledgeable staff members. Projects are prioritized based on the District’s overall goals and anticipated funding. All project costs are estimates based upon quotes provided by contractors and consultants for specific equipment or the scope of the project as defined at the time of this publication. The final compilation of project requests is presented to the Board of Commissioners based on consensus agreement of the Executive Director and Division Directors.

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