Heritage Oaks Golf Club, formerly Sportsman’s Country Club, is opening August 16. Tee times are available seven days in advance. Visit heritageoaksgc.com for more information.

Heritage Oaks Golf Club Frequently Asked Questions

Updated July 30, 2021



When will the newly renovated facilities at Heritage Oaks Golf Club open?

The Classic 18 and Legacy 9 courses, the Practice Range and clubhouse amenities, including the Acorn Grill + Terrace and indoor simulators, are scheduled to open August 16.

What are the green fees for the new courses?

Rates depend on resident status, time of day and day of the week and are available at heritageoaksgc.com/hours/ .

How do I make a tee time?

Tee time reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance beginning August 9. Reservations can be made for the Classic 18, Legacy 9, Anetsberger Golf Course and the Indoor Simulators at heritageoaksgc.com.

Why do I need to prove residency?

Northbrook Park District residents receive a discount on green fees upon proof of residency. Without proof of residency, you will pay the regular fee.

How do I prove residency?

Northbrook Park District residents can verify their residency by presenting a valid ID. Verification can be done during regular operating hours at Anetsberger Golf Course, at the Community Open House at Heritage Oaks from 1pm to 4pm on August 14, or during regular Heritage Oaks operating hours beginning August 16.



Will the practice range open before the golf courses?

No, all amenities at Heritage Oaks Golf Club will open at the same time.

What are the hours for the Practice Range?

Hours for the Practice Range are:

Monday               6:30am-8pm

Tuesday               8am-8pm

Wednesday        6:30am-8pm

Thursday             6:30pm-7pm

Friday                    9am-9pm

Saturday              6am-9pm

Sunday                 6am-8pm

What are the fees for the Practice Range and how do I pay?

Buckets of range balls can be purchased in the range building via credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay using our convenient new Range Servant distribution machine. Cash payments can be made in advance in the Golf Shop before heading to the Practice Range. Fees for the Practice Range are:

Bucket of 25 balls                $6

Bucket of 50 balls              $10

Bucket of 75 balls              $14

Bucket of 100 balls           $18

Will the new practice range have grass tees?

Players at the new practice range will continue to practice on artificial turf. The tee line has been upgraded with industry-best Real Feel Golf Mats® and Titleist® Tour Practice range balls to assure accurate Trackman data and a premium practice and/or warm-up experience.

Why do I need the TrackMan Range app? 

The app lets you practice with feedback and play games designed to improve your game – whatever your skill level. You can also follow your golfing progress directly on your phone, any time.

How does the app work? 

TrackMan Range uses tour-proven technology to precisely measure key data like carry distance, side, and launch angle.

What is ball conversion and why does it matter? 

Ball conversion transforms range ball data into premium ball data so you get the real distances of each club in your bag. For TrackMan to provide an accurate conversion, you must first select a club.

Does the app store my shots? 

Yes, if you log in to your profile first. Once you have created your profile, the app automatically generates reports after each session. You can also define your MyBag and store club data from Find My Distance.

How does TrackMan estimate bounce and roll? 

TrackMan estimates bounce and roll based on the ball’s landing conditions such as landing angle as well as the landing surface.



Were the Classic 18 greens improved?

Even though the Classic 18 greens have been completely rebuilt, Architect Rick kept the surfaces of the greens very similar to how they were, with a few subtle changes. The Classic 18 greens were rebuilt using a USGA Modified construction method or “California-style” green.  This method includes sub-surface drainage and a USGA specified root-zone sand that is designed to balance drainage and moisture levels to ultimately provide a more consistent playing surface. The greens were reseeded with Dominant X-treme 007 bentgrass, which is a mixture of three bentgrass cultivars that will provide a dense playing surface and offer improved heat tolerance and disease resistance.

Were tees added to increase course yardage?

The first hole on the Classic 18 features an entirely new tee complex that adds over 30 yards to the total maximum distance of the par 5 hole. All other holes on the Classic 18 and Legacy 9 have newly added forward tee boxes. Five sets of tees on the Classic 18 and six sets of tees on the Legacy 9 now create scoring opportunities and enhanced pace of play for golfers of all skill levels.

What work was done on the playing surfaces such as greens, tees and fairways?

All playing surfaces have been reseeded using new varieties of creeping bentgrass – “007” on tees and fairways and Dominant X-treme 007 on the greens.

In order to ensure that the turf has plenty of time to mature in both leaf density and root mass, green speeds may be slower than expected.  As the turf matures, heights of cut can be lowered, green surfaces will continue to be smoothed and green speed will continually improve.

Were bunkers on the golf course(s) renovated?

Bunkers were not part of the project. Maintenance staff edged and weeded bunkers and ensured each bunker had the correct amount of sand. The grass surrounding the bunkers will be mowed weekly in order to keep the height of cut between two and three inches.

Do the courses have continuous cart paths?

Cart paths were not part of the project.  Some cart paths areas are new because they were extended, relocated or otherwise impacted by the construction process.



What are the restaurant hours of operation?

The Acorn Grill + Terrace will be open from 7am to 9pm daily.

What will the restaurant be serving?

A variety of meal options including breakfast, lunch, dinner, starters and specials. The full-service bar offers wine, craft and domestic beers and cocktails. Complete menu details will be posted prior to opening day on August 16 at heritageoaksgc.com/acorn-grill-terrace/ .

Who is the food service provider for Acorn Grill + Terrace?

The new Acorn Grill + Terrace is managed by Open Kitchens, a restaurant group that has been in operation for 26 years.

Is the new restaurant full service?

You are invited to enjoy a full-service dining experience with a contemporary menu at this new year-round restaurant and bar offering stunning views of the courses. Additional fast on-course options are available at the turn or Sporty’s Halfway House.

How do I book the facility for an event?

Under the management of the Acorn Grill + Terrace by Open Kitchens, the Brook Room can be rented for meetings, outings and events. The capacity for the indoor space is 48 people or can be booked for up to 72 when the outdoor terrace is included in the rental. Contact Manager Maureen O’Connor at moconnor@openkitchens.org or 847-897-6140.



Will Heritage Oaks Golf Course offer weekend permanent tee times in 2021?

With a late start to the 2021 golf season, Heritage Oaks will not host permanent tee times this year.

What memberships or loyalty/discount programs are available?

Resident discount rates are available to all Northbrook Park District Residents. Non-resident discount cards can be purchased for $25 for the 2021 season. Additional opportunities such as season memberships are available at our Par 3 Anetsberger Golf Course.

Do you offer golf lessons? How can I register?

A variety of lessons, clinics and leagues are offered for all ages. See the quarterly program guide at nbparks.org for complete golf lesson information or contact Michael Wenzel at 847-897-6135 or mwenzel@nbparks.org.



What will be offered at the Community Open House on August 14?

The Open House will be held from 1pm-4pm and will include TrackMan Range Technology demonstrations at the Practice Range, a putting contest on the new 10,000 square foot putting green, self-guided tours of the facility including the Golf Shop, Brook Room, Simulator Room, and the Acorn Grill + Terrace. Light refreshments, giveaways and a free raffle will also be offered. The event will also offer the opportunity for golfers to verify their residency in our new tee system. There is no need to bring your clubs – we will have a few for you to use!

Are you hiring? How do I apply to work at Heritage Oaks Golf Club or Acorn Grill + Terrace?

Open positions at Heritage Oaks Golf Club at this time include outside services and golf shop positions. Apply online at nbparks.org/jobs. This website also includes links to job openings on Indeed for athe Acorn Grill + Terrace restaurant.

Is there a locker room in the clubhouse?

The clubhouse does not have locker rooms, but there are two private bathrooms that offer showers. Towels and toiletries are not provided.

Does the new facility have a short game practice green?

Heritage Oaks has a 10,000 square foot putting green and a short game practice green with a bunker. Both of these opportunities are located south of the clubhouse. The Northbrook Golf Academy also has a short game green for programs and private instruction located at the east end of the practice range.

Why did you change the name from Sportsman’s Country Club?

With the decision to undergo course renovations and clubhouse construction, the District made the decision to analyze the name and brand of the course. A branding consultant collected input from a variety of stakeholder groups and helped the District develop the new brand for Heritage Oaks Golf Club including updates to the facility name, course names, tag line and logo mark. All of these items invoke the history of the facility while bringing a more modern and current feel to the brand.

Is there golf reciprocity for Northbrook residents to play neighboring courses in 2021?

Northbrook residents will continue to have reciprocal rates available at Sunset Valley, Chevy Chase and Glenview Park golf courses until Heritage Oaks opens on August 16.


Click here for project details and status updates.

This Northbrook Park District property, with its tree-lined 27 holes of golf, practice range equipped with TrackMan Range technology, golf academy and indoor golf simulators, offers something for everyone. With the elevated Acorn Grill + Terrace overlooking the Audubon-certified courses, Heritage Oaks Golf Club welcomes you―for golf, for a meal, for a timeless experience. A destination for North Shore golfers since 1931, Sportsman’s Country Club will reopen as Heritage Oaks Golf Club in late summer 2021.

The newly renovated Heritage Oaks Golf Club includes:

  • Classic 18 & Legacy 9 Golf Courses
  • Renovated Outdoor Practice Range
  • Northbrook Golf Academy
  • New Clubhouse
  • Indoor Golf Simulator Room
  • Acorn Grill + Terrace
  • Golf Shop

The course is currently undergoing a major renovation. Course and range improvements are directed by Libertyville-based Jacobson Golf Course Design Inc. The District has hired RATIO Architects of Chicago to design the clubhouse, with Gewalt Hamilton Associates Inc. of Vernon Hills overseeing the civil engineering services for the project.

Heritage Oaks Golf Club is an available location for our Tree and Bench Donation Program. A tree donation includes the installation of a 2‐3 inch‐diameter tree and an engraved brass leaf, mounted on a donation wall at the Northbrook Leisure Center. Bench donations either replace an aging bench or add a bench to open space, and a bronze donor recognition plaque is attached to the bench. For more information, you can check out the Tree and Bench Donation Program page.
Tree and Bench Donation Program page.


For most of its history, since 1931, Sportsman’s was privately owned but open to the public. In the late 1970s, Eugene Corley Builders purchased the property, planning to construct a 215-acre development with houses, condominiums, tennis courts, office buildings and a golf course. Although the builder promised that the course would remain open to the public, local golfers formed two grassroots organizations that ultimately forced the issue onto a Village referendum.

Determined to return the land to the community and control the density of development, Northbrook residents overwhelmingly approved a $9 million bond authorizing the Northbrook Park District to buy Sportsman’s Country Club in 1978. Nine years later, another petition drive led to a second referendum, and the community approved $7.2 million in taxes to purchase the East 9 Course from the School Board. Today, the Park District owns and operates the entire facility and grounds.

The Classic 18 underwent a major bunker renovation in 2005 to update the design and quality. Award-winning firm Jacobson Golf Course Design designed the course improvements, recapturing the original design and feel, and providing a more enjoyable game of strategy and skill.

The Northbrook Park District Board of Commissioners approved the Comprehensive Master Plan: Moving Forward 2026, in February 2017, which provides direction for the District for the next ten years. This plan outlined key operational and capital initiatives determined by Northbrook residents as their priorities for investment and golf course improvements were determined a top priority. After careful review of community feedback and available financial resources, priority capital projects were identified. These initiatives, 2018–2022: New Places to Play, started in 2018 and included major renovations at the golf courses and the construction of a new clubhouse.

Click here for information on the New Places to Play projects.