Requests for Proposals/Bids

  • There will be a $1.50 per page printing cost for any Full-Size Prints/Exhibits (pages over 11″ x 17″) printed by the Park District. Contractors must call at least one day prior to picking up the prints. Prints can be paid for by cash or check only.  Please contact Wendy Peterson at 847-897-6106 or email for more details.


  • The Park District will attempt to post any addenda to this website in a timely fashion, but potential vendors/contractors are responsible for obtaining all addenda to the original specification prior to the proposal/bid deadline.
  • Vendors/contractors who fail to obtain addenda prior to the deadline will not be able to modify their proposal/bid.

Prevailing Wage

NOTICE of Adoption of Prevailing Wage Ordinance 18-O-4

In accordance with the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act, the Northbrook Park District (“Park District”) has made a determination of the prevailing wages to be paid to laborers, mechanics, and other workers employed in public works projects for the Park District.  The Park District has determined that the prevailing wages are the wage rates for Cook County as determined by the Illinois Department of Labor.

A copy of the determination is available for public inspection in the Park District’s business office located at 545 Academy Drive, Northbrook, Illinois. Copies are also available upon request by calling the Park District at 847-291-2960.

Chris Leiner
Northbrook Park District
September 27, 2023

Latest Prevailing Wage Report

Ordinance No. 18-O-4

Bid Submittals

Each bid must be placed in an opaque, sealed envelope and clearly marked:

Bid Officer – Northbrook Park District
Bid Number & the Name of the Bid
The Date & Time of the Scheduled Opening

If delivering by mail, the aforementioned opaque sealed envelope shall be placed in a mailing envelope (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.), and shall be addressed and delivered to:

Bid Officer – Northbrook Park District
545 Academy Drive
Northbrook, Illinois 60062

Additional Information

  • Bid results will typically be available on-line within 5-7 business days.
  • Plan Holder’s Lists are not released prior to awarding of the contract.
  • Bid tabulations represent “as read” submittals at the time of the bid opening; they do not represent contract awards.