March 10, 2023 at 10:00am

Project Planning60% Completion

60% Complete

The Northbrook Park District continues the planning process for renovations in 2024 at Greenfield Park, 2950 Harbor Lane. This playground was installed in 2003 and is reaching the end of its life cycle.

With community input, the District completed and adopted a ten-year Comprehensive Master Plan which includes an annual Capital Improvement Plan. These documents forecast repair and replacement needs for parks, facilities and equipment each year.

Currently, this 4.9 acre park offers T-ball fields, a softball field, a half basketball court, open space and a playground. This project currently includes the removal and replacement of the playground equipment, the installation of ADA access to the basketball court and seating area and renovations to the basketball court.

A preliminary survey conducted in March 2023 indicated the following:

  • The playground is the most popular amenity at this park.
  • Climbers, slides and swings received the highest number of votes for equipment preference.
  • Over 57% of respondents selected a palette of natural tones.

Based on this feedback, the Park Board of Commissioners has approved two possible playground designs. Input was gathered from the community in the month of July 2023 to help select the final playground equipment and asphalt games for Greenfield Park. The following playground was selected after receiving 64.52% of the community’s votes.

Greenfield Park Playground 2023 Accepted Proposal

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