The Board concerns itself primarily with questions of policy rather than administrative matters. The District’s Executive Director is charged with the administrative responsibility to implement the Board’s policies. The Board enacts and maintains appropriate policies, procedures, rules and regulations related to the operations of the District and the District’s facilities.


Board Meetings

Regular meetings are on the fourth Wednesday of the month (unless noted) at 7pm in the Conference Room of the Joe Doud Administration Building, 545 Academy Drive, Northbrook.

Schedule changes will be posted here and at major Park District facilities. Board Meeting Agendas and Packets are posted on this website prior to Board Meetings. Minutes will be available on this website after approval by the Park Board.



  • To serve the Board as a voting member.
  • To develop governance policies, long-range plans, procedures and regulations for the operation of the District.
  • To monitor finances, programs and performance of the District.
  • To protect the assets of the District.
  • To ensure effective stewardship and management of the District’s human, physical and financial resources.

In the discharge of their duties, Commissioners act collectively as a Board and not as individuals.


Board Obligations

  • Establish policy based upon sound research and consideration of each issue.
  • Adopt policies that aid the District in operating efficiently, effectively, legally and ethically.
  • Hire, supervise, evaluate and support the Executive Director.


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