Moving Forward 2026: Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP)

The Board of Commissioners approved the Comprehensive Master Plan: Moving Forward 2026, in February 2017, which provides direction for the Northbrook Park District for the next ten years. The CMP outlines key operational and capital initiatives determined by Northbrook residents as their priorities for investment over the next ten years. The four key goals from the CMP include adding indoor program space, updating existing facilities, establishing new parks and open space, and creating a community-wide trail/bike network.

The District has a fiduciary responsibility to invest our resources in delivering outstanding recreation services to our residents. After careful review of community feedback and available financial resources, the Board has identified three priority capital projects. These initiatives, 2018–2022: New Places to Play, will start in 2018.

2018–2022: New Places to Play

1. Indoor Program Space

The Northbrook Park District is moving forward to build an Activity Center at Techny Prairie Park and Fields on the six-acre parcel purchased in 2011. See design concepts here.

The Activity Center addresses four of the Top 5 Priorities for Investment for Programs, as identified in the CMP Community Survey:

  1. Fitness and Wellness – including indoor walking track
  2. Active Adult Programs – cardio and yoga classes
  3. Senior Programs – focus on wellness
  4. Open Gyms – all ages programming

2. Golf Course Improvements

A full assessment of golf operations was completed in September 2017. Priorities identified include improvements at:

  • Sportsman’s 18 and 9 hole courses
  • Clubhouse at Sportsman’s
  • Driving Range

3. Meadowhill Park Improvements

The Meadowhill Park Assessment identified the following priorities:

  • Demolish Outdoor Education Center (OEC) – built in 1968
  • Improve Meadowhill Aquatic Center – add universal changing rooms
  • Explore program improvements at the Ed Rudolph Velodrome