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Join the Tradition with Northbrook-On-Ice!

Northbrook-On-Ice captures the hearts of those who participate each year and of those who watch the spectacle of skill. The annual event has been called the best amateur ice show in the country and has dazzled spectators since 1969.

Over the years, national ice skating entertainment shows such as the Ice Capades and Ice Follies have sent scouts to Northbrook-On-Ice to find talent. Every May, four exciting performances showcase skaters of all ages and levels from the Northbrook skating school and freestyle ice program.

More than 50 upper-level skaters participate in each show, guaranteeing an impressive display of talent. Planning for Northbrook-On-Ice is a year-round process, and volunteers contribute greatly to the success of the show.

The Icette program, unique to the Northbrook Sports Center, is a dynamic dance group made up of three teams: Icettes, Jr. Icettes and Dancettes. Skaters in FS 5 or above and in sixth grade and up may be eligible to participate. Tryouts are held every December.

The Icette and Jr. Icette teams perform multiple dance-style numbers in the annual ice show. The Icettes amaze audiences by elegantly combining the magic of dance with the excitement of high-level skating skills.

2024 Northbrook-On-Ice Registration

Here is your chance to participate in the award-winning Northbrook-On-Ice and enjoy your moment in the spotlight. The registration fee includes a costume, rehearsal ice time and choreographer’s expenses. Skaters are combined for each level, but separate registration codes are used to differentiate costume style and selection. Join the tradition! Skaters will choose a costume size based on size charts provided in the 2024 Northbrook-On-Ice Registration packet (see bottom of page under Forms & Downloads).
ProgramMin. AgePrice
Toddler & Snowplow 1 – FemaleAge 3+$99
Toddler & Snowplow 1 – MaleAge 3+$99
Snowplow 2 & 3 – FemaleAge 4+$99
Snowplow 2 & 3 – MaleAge 4+$99
Basic 1 & 2 – FemaleAge 6+$99
Basic 1 & 2 – MaleAge 6+$99
Basic 3 & 4 – FemaleAge 6+$99
Basic 3 & 4 – MaleAge 6+$99
Basic 5 & 6 – FemaleAge 6+$99
Basic 5 & 6 – MaleAge 6+$99
Pre-Free Skate – FemaleAge 6+$139
Pre-Free Skate – MaleAge 6+$139
Free Skate 1 & 2 – FemaleAge 6+$139
Free Skate 1 & 2 – MaleAge 6+$139
Free Skate 3 & 4 – FemaleAge 6+$139
Free Skate 3 & 4 – MaleAge 6+$139
Upper Level – FemaleAge 6+$139
Upper Level – MaleAge 6+$139
Finale* (Pre-Free Skate & Up)Age 6+Free

*Finale rehearsal attendance is mandatory. Skaters wear freestyle costume.

Icettes, Jr. Icettes & Dancettes

A tradition since 1969, the Icette program focuses on teamwork, dedication and leadership. Skaters participate in dance-style numbers during the Northbrook-On-Ice production. Skaters who try out for Icettes must be in or entering high school and have passed Free Skate 6 or higher. Jr. Icettes must be entering 7th grade and at least Free Skate 6. Dancettes must be entering 6th grade and in Free Skate 5.

Icette Program Tryout Clinic

Ages: 10-18 Years
Location: Northbrook Sports Center

Skaters can practice the skills needed for the January tryouts. Each clinic reviews a different section; skaters are encouraged to participate in all three clinics for a full review of the program. The clinics are open to skaters in Free Skate 4 and above; 5th graders can attend to gain experience for the next season.

November 28, 2023

Registration Closed

December 5, 2023

Registration Closed


Icette Program Tryout Clinic

Ages: 10-18 Years
Location: Northbrook Sports Center

Skaters in 6th grade and above who are in Free Skate 5 and above have the ability to tryout for the Icette Program. Specific team ages and levels can be found in the tryout packet. Registration includes a mandatory dance instruction on Friday where skaters will learn the tryout dance. Registration closes on Tuesday, December 12.

December 15-16, 2023
Various Times

Registration Closed
Northbrook-On-Ice performance

Forms & Downloads

Type Description Applies To Date Posted
Packet Dress Rehearsal/Tech/Show Information 2024 Northbrook-On-Ice Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Packet NOI Registration Packet 2024 Northbrook-On-Ice Monday, December 11, 2023
Packet Specialty Tryouts 2024 Northbrook-On-Ice Saturday, October 7, 2023
Packet Icette Program Tryouts 2024 Northbrook-On-Ice Saturday, September 30, 2023

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