Wizard of Oz Community Musical Cast List


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Thank you for auditioning for our community musical, The Wizard of Oz. We truly appreciated seeing so many talented people come out to audition for this production. Please review the cast list carefully. Some names are purposefully listed more than once.  If your name is not on our cast list, we encourage you to audition again in the future. If your name is on our cast list, please be at our first rehearsal on Wednesday, April 4th at 6:30pm. Parents should plan to attend with their child for a brief meeting and registration at that time. Calendars and scripts will be handed out at the first rehearsal.






Character Cast
Dorothy Gale Lisa Spaniak
Glinda (doubles as Aunt Em/Emily Gale) Molly Brown
Scarecrow (doubles as Hunk — a farmhand) AJ Cannon
Tinman (doubles as Hickory — a farmhand) Eric Benveniste
Lion (doubles as Zeke — a farmhand) Jeff Balkan
Uncle Henry (doubles as Ozian/Winkie) Larry Fontillas
Miss Almira Gulch (doubles as Wicked Witch of the West) Heather Benveniste
Professor Chester Marvel (doubles as Wizard of Oz) Paul Velez
Mayor of Munchkinland/Poppy Andrew Burke
Coroner/Poppy Conor Lynch
Barrister/Poppy Lincoln Brown
Fiddler/Poppy Maya Fliegler
Braggart/Poppy Allison Schwenk
City People/Poppies Hayden Keith, Avi Oldani, Hannah Kelly
Tough Kids/Poppies Rowan Dailey, Sasha Winters, Jori Weinstein, Sarah Lebovitz, Grace Fontillas
School Teachers/Poppies Veronica Ruvinsky, Kristina Rylicki
Tots/Poppies Joanna Shvartz, Ellory Moran, Sylvia Ugarcovici
3 Crows trio Conor Lynch, Owen Hechtman, Avi Oldani
3 Trees trio Rosie Salzer, Emmi Schwenk, Addison Blumenfeld
Ozian Guard Owen Hechtman
Beauticians Meghan Rosenfeld, Robyn Miller, Mihaela Ugarcovici, Theresa Glatzhofer, Emmi Schwenk
Polishers Maddy Lasky, Ashleigh Velez, Audrey McGinnis
Maintenance Men Bruce Friedman, Declan Fontillas, Dan Plante, Larry Fontillas
Manicurists Kristin Moran, Joy Skiest, Emily McGinnis, Robyn Miller, Farrah Dailey
Nikko — commander of monkeys Sam Salzer
Flying Monkeys Maddy Lasky, Kristina Rylicki
Winkie General Bruce Friedman
Winkies Dan Plante, Declan Fontillas, Larry Fontillas
Jitterbug (Lead Dancer) Elizabeth Balkan
Jitterbugs Briana Tansky, Mary Grace Plante, Grace Clark, Kaitlyn Bowles, Rosie Salzer, Maddie Lasky, Conor Lynch, Owen Hechtman, Avi Oldani, Maya Fliegler
Optomisitic Voices Theresa Glatzhofer, Emmi Schwenk, Addison Blumenfeld, Meghan Rosenfeld, Ashleigh Velez, Rowan Dailey
Snowflakes Elizabeth Balkan, Kaitlyn Bowles, Mary Grace Plante, Grace Clark, Briana Tansky


11 weeks, beginning on April 4
Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-9pm and Sundays from 1-4pm
Actors may not be called to every rehearsal.

June 8-10, 15-16


Youth Theatre Auditions will be held in the fall for NTJC (3-5 grade) and NTCC (6-9 grade). Additional details will be posted here on or before August 1, 2018.

Auditions are required in order to assess children’s comfort level of as performers, evaluate their skills and find the role that will best fit their personality and talent. Registration for auditions is not required; auditions are on a first-come, first-served basis. Children will be seen in groups of 10 in the order in which they arrive. They will be photographed and fill out an audition form, listing their availability and experience. There is no cost to audition.

How to Prep for Your Audition

Children should prepare 16 bars (measures of music) of a musical theatre song in the proper key. Sheet music for the song should be hole-punched and in a binder for the accompanist. (Sheet music can be copied from songbooks at the Northbrook Public Library or purchased online at sheetmusicplus.com). For the reading part of the audition, the director will use parts from the script. Children will have a chance to practice reading through the lines, and the director can answer questions and offer assistance. The choreographer(s), music director(s) and director(s), as well as other children auditioning in your child’s group, will be present during auditions.


Casting is based on ability, availability and attitude. All who are cast must pay a participation fee. NTJC and NTCC actors receive professional instruction, t-shirt, DVD and cast party lunch on the performance date.