Northbrook Theatre is committed to ensuring that the power and entertainment of live theatre is accessible to all. Accessible accommodations include parking, seating, assisted listening devices, large print programs, social stories, and any other reasonable modifications.


Sensory-Friendly Performances

Sensory-Friendly performances are intended to make theatre spaces more inclusive and accessible to audience members and their families with varying sensory sensitivities who prefer to experience performances without the conventions of a traditional theatre setting. Sensory Friendly performances are welcome to all audiences. Certain adjustments are made to make our production inclusive to sensory sensitivities. Adjustments include:

  • The house lights will remain dimmed during the performance, rather than off.
  • Lighting effects such as strobe or flashing lights will be slightly dimmer or may not be used.
  • We reduce the volume of the recorded sound, particularly during louder moments.
  • Patrons are free to talk and leave their seats during the performance.
  • All seating will be general admission to better accommodate individual family needs.
  • The lobby will be available during the performance as a quiet space for anyone who needs to take a break.
  • Families are welcome to bring their own seat cushions, comfort objects and extra support items to the show.
  • Staff will be in the theatre during the performance and available to guide patrons to and from the lobby as needed.

Theatre Accommodations

Accessible Parking
Accessible parking is available at the south side of the Northbrook Park District Leisure Center directly outside Northbrook Theatre. The accessible parking area is within a short sidewalk distance from the theatre entrance doors.

Accessible Seating
Accessible seating is available in the first row of our theatre in all sections for those who require seating on the ground level. If you are using a wheelchair, we remove the existing seat in the front row to allow for a more spacious viewing experience.

Priority Seating
If you prefer to be seated prior to general seating, check-in with the house manager when you arrive.

Assisted Listening Devices
Assisted listening devices are available free of charge, on a first-come-first-served basis at the Box Office for any performance. When you arrive, visit the Box Office to request your device.

Large Print Programs
Large-print programs are available to download prior to the performance date and available the day of the performance at the Box Office.

Additional Accommodations
We are happy to make reasonable modifications to assist anyone with special needs who wants to attend a theatre performance. Call 847-291-2995 in advance to discuss any necessary accommodation at our theatre.