Venue Information

Northbrook Theatre offers fixed seating for 268 with a proscenium stage. The facility is used by theatre companies year-round, including professional, community and youth organizations.

Basic Dimensions

  • Stage Right Wall to Stage Left Wall: 58′
  • Proscenium Opening Width: 30′ (Masking Reduces Opening to 25′)
  • Proscenium Height: 15′ (Masking Reduces to 13′)
  • Front of Stage to Back Wall: 34′
  • Front of Stage to Main Curtain Line: 8′
  • Height of Stage from House Floor: 3′ 8″
  • False Proscenium Dimensions: 25′ x 12′

Rigging Equipment

  • Single purchase, wire guide counterweight system
  • Locking rail is at floor in SL wing. Loading is done at locking rail.
  • Battens are 38′
  • Capacity: 1000lbs. per arbor
  • Maximum height for fly to be completely masked when flown out: 13′-6″
  • 26 line sets- 19 (number open depends on show that is running), 3 electrics, 3 -LED downlights

Dressing Rooms

Each of the two dressing rooms can accommodate approximately 20 adults. Both are located in the basement level of the technical support addition attached to the rear of the stage house. Each dressing room has its own lavatory (sink and toilet) and counters with lighted mirrors. Green room is adjacent to dressing rooms. There is a costumer’s area for costume repairs.


Shows can be called from either the control booth (51′ F.O.H. from stage) or Down Stage Right. Scene shop available behind stage for repairs. Shop floor is stage height; scenery is loaded from shop directly on to stage via a 12′- 0″ wide x 18′- 0″ high door at rear center of stage.

Loading dock is on the south side of the scene shop and is @3′- 8″ off ground level. Dock door is 14′- 0″ wide x 10′- 0″ high. Dock height is fixed with no leveling plate.

A separate rehearsal space with a 35’x 19′ stage is also available with advance notice.

There is a video camera for monitoring action on stage with feeds to the stage managers console and the green room.

Soft Goods

There are a number of black curtains and masking legs that are available for use. Main Curtain is burgundy. Main curtain flies and is not on a traveler track.