July 23, 2019 at 11:35am

Grab a workout buddy and head to Northbrook Park District’s group fitness classes!

From high energy dance classes that have you moving to the latest music to low-impact workouts, a wide range of activities are available to meet your fitness needs.

Registration for fall fitness classes is underway. Among the benefits of group fitness are accountability, structure and socialization.

“Group fitness allows you to follow along with a program and see progression and improvements,” said Meri Shea, Recreation Program Manager. “It’s also an ideal way to meet friends and get extra encouragement from others taking the class, while ensuing you are doing the moves or exercises correctly with the help of an instructor.”

Upcoming classes include:
• Cardio Rythmics
• Chair Yoga
• Hatha Yoga
• Joints in Motion
• Pilates
• Sit and Be Fit
• Zumba Gold

The District also is adding a new class to its fall fitness lineup—Groov3—a dance fitness program that can be structured for both low and high impact workouts, Shea said. Other dance fitness classes include WERQ and BollyX.

“We added BollyX this spring and wanted to add another dance workout with cardio and music,” Shea said. “Groov3 seemed like a great option, especially with the popularity of Zumba Gold.”

For a full list of group fitness classes, click here.