April 16, 2022 at 10:45am

Project Completed

In 2021, Northbrook Park District completed Phase I of a three-phase shoreline stabilization project for Lake Shermerville in Wood Oaks Green Park. The purpose of the project is to replace the metal sheet piling to correct erosion issues affecting the integrity of the seawall.

Project Updates
September 15, 2022
Wood Oaks Green Shoreline Restoration is near complete. At this time, all pathways are now open for use, however, fishing remains open at the fishing piers only. Fencing will remain up and around seeded turf and native areas that have not yet been established. The District encourages park users (including pets) to remain off the seed and blanketed areas so that these spaces may have a chance to germinate.

August 24, 2022
The bridge and all paths at Wood Oaks Green Park are now open. Fishing areas remain closed due to construction with the exception of the piers along the lagoon.

The original project plans called for a three year construction schedule with Phase I in 2021, Phase II in 2022 and Phase III in 2023. Based on the bids received by the Park District, both Phases II and III will be completed this year. This new option will result in a shorter project timeline and significant cost savings.

This shoreline stabilization project includes installing gradually sloped naturalized areas and Rosetta outcrop retaining walls to replace the aging sheet piling.

Work this year will take place starting May 16, 2022 with a projected completion date of September 2022. The project will begin at the southern end of the bridge, continuing east toward Sanders Road. In this area, sheet piling will be removed, the Rosetta stone retaining wall will be installed, and two additional fishing piers will be constructed.

Park Impacts in 2022

  • The Phase II and III construction timeline is May 16 through September.
  • The project will take approximately 21 weeks and is weather dependent.
  • During portions of the project the bridge and select pathways will be closed. Signs will be posted.
  • There will be minimal impact to the north side of the parking lot.
  • Picnic areas will be temporarily moved.
  • The areas near the lagoon with new plantings from Phase I has been fenced off to protect the plants so they can establish themselves. These plants will help prevent erosion in the future.
  • Fishing will be allowed off the fishing piers in the lagoon area. Select fishing areas along the shoreline will be open where construction allows. Signs will be posted. Fishing is also available at Techny Prairie Park and Fields, near Anetsberger Golf Course.

For more information about this project, contact us by email or call 847-291-2960.

Map - Wood Oaks Green Park will have various areas around Lake Shermerville closed during the project. For your safety, avoid areas closed for construction.