November 11, 2022 at 8:05am

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Every year, Northbrook Park District awards a special volunteer with the Coach of the Year Award. Athletics staff receive nominations from parents of youth involved in soccer, basketball and flag football programs before making a final decision, keeping in mind that the winning recipient has shown exemplary sportsmanship, organization, commitment and team training.

In the case of Josie Williams, staff explained that she displayed all these traits and more. Josie was nominated eight times by parents and went above and beyond in her duties. Josie took her team to Nickel City for a fun bonding experience, was always respectful of the referees, made sure everyone was included at all times and excelled in communication with parents.

Athletics Manager Meri Shea added, “When thinking of the coach of the year this year it was an easy decision to pick Josie Williams. She is a great example of a volunteer coach that went above and beyond at her position. She made a big impact on her team and is the main reason why many of these kids want to play basketball again next season.”

The Northbrook Park District soccer, basketball and flag football programs are home to around 260 volunteer coaches. As a thank you for all their hard work throughout the season, staff hold a Coach Appreciation Night each Summer. This year, coaches were presented with special insulated water bottles, dinner from Sarpinos, and were invited to bring their family for a free private event at Meadowhill Aquatic Center.

Some words of wisdom from our Coach of the Year, Josie Williams:

“Having played and coached competitive basketball for over 32 years it’s in my DNA to make the impossible possible. It motivated me to bring my best to the boys and their parents. I feel as a coach your players are a reflection of you off and on the court. So to see my boys, for many of whom this was their first or second time playing (including my son) come away with more knowledge, skill and new friendships it made it so much fun to watch them in action. It is definitely rewarding to be able to give back to my community and Northbrook Park District helped make that happen. Hope to see you all this fall and winter.”

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