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Indian Ridge Park

Indian Ridge Park
Location: 3323 Walters Avenue
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  • 7.5 acre Indian Ridge Park
  • Softball field
  • Basketball court
  • Playground
  • Pathway
  • Informal soccer field
  • Parking


Preschool classes and programs at the Leisure Center use the adjacent Indian Ridge Park, and young participants in Safety Town practice the rules of the road in a mock village set up on the property.

Indian Ridge ParkHistory
Prior to 1984, the building on the site used to serve as the Indian Ridge School. With enrollment in District 27 schools declining, the School Board decided to close the school and sell the property. On March 21, 1984, Park District residents approved a referendum to purchase the former elementary school and surrounding grounds for $1.2 million. The Park District named the building the Northbrook Leisure Center and made improvements to the site, which became a center of recreational programming. As Performing Arts programs increased, the District added a theater in 1986 at a cost of $700,000. The Leisure Center was renovated in 1992-93, and the Senior Center moved there from the Village Green in 1993.

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