September 27, 2017 at 3:44pm

The Northbrook Garden Club teamed up with the Sportsman’s Golf Maintenance Department to plant native flowers and shrubs that attract pollinators like butterflies and birds around the outdoor patio at Sportsman’s. The Garden Club team who spearheaded this project was comprised of six committee members, led by Julie Hansen.  They spent months strategically planning and debating what plants would bring the most color to the area but most importantly attract the pollinators.  The design was conceptualized last winter by the committee and planted this summer with the help from Golf Course Superintendent, Mark Kosbab, and his team. In total, over 200 plants were installed and design concepts such as “a butterfly spa” and stone pathway were added.

On Monday, September 25, the Garden Club held a celebration at Sportsman’s Country Club to recognize of all their hard work. The celebration included a walking tour of the patio from Mark Kosbab, who gave explanations about each of the plants and their role in bringing pollinators to the area.

This is the second collaboration between the Northbrook Park District and the Northbrook Garden Club and we hope that there will be many more in the future.