Former Green Acres Country Club Property
916 Dundee Road, Northbrook IL 60062

May 11, 2023

Erickson Senior Living released a statement on May 10 that they would not be moving forward with the development of the Green Acres Country Club property (see below). Throughout discussions over the past several months, Northbrook Park District has been excited by the prospect of working with the developer and the Village of Northbrook to preserve open space and provide recreational opportunities at this location. As additional opportunities arise for land acquisition, the Northbrook Park District will continue to engage with residents and keep their interests a top priority.

The following statement was released by Erickson Senior Living on May 10, 2023:

“Erickson Senior Living has made the difficult decision not to move forward with the development of the Green Acres Country Club property. We understand this news will be unexpected to many and we assure the community that this decision comes only after a thorough evaluation of the project’s long-term feasibility and potential market conditions. This process included a diligent assessment of the needs and expectations of future residents as well as overall project costs to develop, manage, and operate a new community. Throughout this process, Village officials and staff consistently demonstrated the utmost professionalism and exemplary collaboration and responsiveness in all interactions. We have appreciated this spirit exhibited by all parties and regret that the economics and market dynamics will not allow us to proceed.”


April 12, 2023

The Northbrook Park District sees the potential donation of land from Erickson Senior Living as an opportunity to preserve open space and provide recreational services to the community. Park District staff and consultants are working diligently to understand the condition of this property located at the former Green Acres Country Club site. As part of our due diligence to assess this opportunity, we recently conducted a second site visit to the property.

Provide Input on This Potential Opportunity!


The former Green Acres Country Club offers some exciting opportunities for recreation space and open space for our residents. Northbrook Park District continues to engage in conversations with the Village and Erickson Senior Living regarding the development and use of the property.

As experts in creating, enhancing and maintaining a variety of parks and recreation amenities for Northbrook residents of all ages, we are excited by the possibility of protecting open space and providing new recreational opportunities that support the health and well-being of our residents.

We are exploring this potential land acquisition and use with the best interest of our community in mind. Through focused due diligence and study we intend to ensure that, if acquired, the property is an asset to our community and not a financial burden.

We remain committed to engaging with and listening to our residents and we encourage you to visit this webpage regularly to learn more and to share your ideas.


March 22, 2023

Northbrook Park District is in preliminary discussions with the developer and the Village of Northbrook regarding what could be an exciting new open space and recreation opportunity for our community at the former Green Acres Country Club, 916 Dundee Road.

We continue to keep the best interests of our residents as a top priority as we work on their behalf to explore this opportunity and its potential benefits to the community. We will keep residents apprised as exploration and discussions progress. Information will be updated  on this page and through Northbrook Park District social media pages.[/panel]