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The Northbrook Theatre Jr. Company (NTJC) welcomes children in grades 3-5.

Children will learn the following specific skills in each program: skill-building in acting, singing and moving, and exposure to the technical aspects of costumes, sets and props.

Theatre can lead to personal and social growth and development. Children involved in performing arts typically are more self-aware and confident and more successful in school. They understand the value of collaboration and can conquer the fear of public speaking. By exploring the world of theatre, children can develop their imagination, creativity and language.


We hire a professional staff with years of experience and training in the field of dance, drama and music.


Auditions for plays are required, we want to assess the comfort level of children as performers, evaluate their skills, and find the role that will best fit their personality and talent. Registration for auditions is not required; auditions are on a first-come, first-served basis. Children will be seen in groups of 10 in the order in which they arrive. They will be photographed and fill out an audition form, listing their availability and experience. There is no cost to audition.

For more information visit our Auditions Page.

How to Prep for Your Audition:

Children should prepare 16 bars (measures of music) of a musical theatre song in the proper key; sheet music for the song should be hole-punched and in a binder for the accompanist. Sheet music can be copied from songbooks at the Northbrook Public Library or purchased online at For the reading part of the audition, the director will use parts from the script. Children will have a chance to practice reading through the lines, and the director can answer questions and offer assistance. The choreographer(s), music director(s), and director(s), as well as other children auditioning in your child’s group, will be present.

Audition Feedback

If you have any questions regarding your audition, please contact Drew Kambach at to arrange a meeting time for parents and participant. No castings decisions will be discussed over the phone, by email, or at the retreat and parent meeting. We appreciate your cooperation.