Add power, energy and new levels of cooperation to your group!

The Park District offers a variety of collaborative programs for ages 10 through adult. Bring your group to the Northbrook Park District or we will bring the challenges to you. We can design the program to fit your space indoors or outside. Team Building Programs are available year-round, with a minimum length of two hours and a maximum of four hours with an average group size of 8-14 people.
Our programs are designed to assist in personal/professional development foryour office, school or group. Your team sets goals, shares ideas and overcomes obstacles while having fun.
Facilitators are trained annually and CPR/First Aid certified, with backgrounds in education, counseling, adventure programming or training and development. For more information and to schedule a date, email or call 847-291-2995.

Team Building Workshops

Teen Workshop: Ages 13-17, Adult Workshop: Ages 18 and older

Basics 101
Build camaraderie, boost morale and enhance productivity of your team. Team building activities improve group unity and promote understanding among individuals through shared experiences and communication. Learn techniques and principles to build and maintain your team.

Fun, interactive activities build communication skills. Effective and strong communication skills are important in this age of technology. Learn to communicate and interact with others effectively.

Innovation and Creativity
Explore creativity in a light and fun team environment. This workshop provides opportunities to collaborate and cooperate with others to think creatively and have fun through innovative problem solving.

2 hours $149 per group of 8-14

4 hours $249 per group of 8-14d have fun through innovative problem solving.

Discovery Box Challenge

Teen Challenge: Ages 13-17, Adult Challenge: Agues 18 and older

The suspense of an escape room with the flexibility of a scavenger hunt!
Teammates complete challenges, solve brain teasers and work together to unlock the collaboration box. This is a great opportunity to build connections in a fun and cooperative atmosphere while discovering tools for better

2 hours $149 per group of 5-12

School Groups

We recommend our Basics 101 customized program available for ages 10 and up. Email for details.

Teen Leadership Fundamentals

Calling all JCAs, CITs, boy scouts, girl scouts and teens wanting to develop their leadership skills. Discover your leadership style in a fun and supportive environment and discover tips and techniques to effective leadership. Skills
include: teamwork, problem solving and communication along with giving and receiving feedback.

2 hours $149 per group of 8-14

Extend your leadership experience with an additional hour of camp specific fun! Learn camp songs and games and end with a question and answer session with an experienced camp counselor.

Fee: additional $65 per group

Team Building Birthday Party

8 Years and Older
Celebrate with your friends with a customized, unique experience! We have more than 20 activities to customize your ultimate birthday party experience with a series of cooperative games, trust initiatives and challenges that create fun opportunities to know yourself and your friends better. The fun is led by a certified facilitator. Contact the Leisure Center at 847-291-2995 to schedule.

1.5 hours, 8 –20 participants, Resident $289/Non-Resident $365