Get Fit! Stay Fit!

The Northbrook Park District wants to help you get fit and stay fit! Our team of certified instructors is ready to guide you through an exercise program in a high-energy, non-intimidating environment.

Why Get Fit and Stay Fit?

Exercise and physical activity are a great way to control your weight, improve your mood, boost your energy, decrease your risk of heart disease, sleep better and have fun.

Intensity Levels

Intensity levels are provided as a general guideline and may vary. We encourage everyone to participate at the level you feel most comfortable.

  • Low Intensity: Heart rate is 68-92 beats/min.
  • Moderate Intensity: Heart rate is 93-to-118 beats/min.
  • High Intensity: Heart rate is over 119 beats/min.

Why Get Fit and Stay Fit with Us?

  • Friendly, well-qualified staff
  • Affordable prices
  • Close and convenient
  • Variety of programs

Feedback from Our Classes:

“This class is exactly what I was looking for and the instructor is extremely knowledgeable.”

“I hate to exercise but I love this class.”

“Excellent instructor. Nice room and very beneficial class.”

“Maxine is a long-time experienced professional at what she does with a gentle caring attitude and approach to each and every class. This is definitely a class of ‘basic’ yoga with the opportunity to challenge yourself as you wish. I hope Maxine keeps teaching for years to come.”

“My husband and I really enjoy the yoga class that we take together. It’s so nice that there is something that we can participate in together and at such a convenient location.”

“Maxine is an excellent instructor…great class.”