Get active and fit right inside the Leisure Center! The Ridge is a great addition to the Leisure Center, making workouts convenient for adults and seniors. Adults will now have the flexibility to work out while waiting on children to finish programs and seniors will have the ease of exercising in the same building as the Senior Center. Amenities include:

  • two treadmills
  • one elliptical cross-trainer
  • one recumbent bike
  • one upright bike
  • one dual, adjustable pulley weightlift machine
  • balance balls
  • mats and free weights

Inside the room, members will have access to towels, a water cooler, a hand sanitizing station and TV.

Schedule a walk-through of The Ridge and find out how a Ridge Membership can enhance your workout routine by calling the Leisure Center at 847-291-2995.

Yearly Memberships are available at our online registration page and at any Registration Office.

The Ridge Membership Fees

  • Adult (18+) Resident Fee $120
  • Adult (18+) Non-Resident Fee $150
  • Senior (65+) Resident Fee $95
  • Senior (65+) Non-Resident Fee $119