Discover and develop athletic potential with Sports Mania Camp, offering a variety of lifetime sporting activities. Each session may include instruction on the following; basketball, volleyball, baseball, handball, soccer, tennis, track and field, flag football, floor hockey, bowling and ultimate Frisbee. Wacky theme days and crazy camp games combine with drills and structured sports tournaments. Campers will build leadership skills increase physical fitness and awareness. Extended Care is available. Staff to camper ratio is 1:10.

Camp Schedule (Subject to Change)

Week 1 – Football Week, NFL Combine, Open Swim, Turf Fields, Field Trip

Week 2 – Soccer Week, Soccer Instructor, Open Swim, Soccer Tournament, Field Trip

Week 3 – Backyard Sports Week, Wiffle Ball, Open Swim, Camp Field Day, Field Trip

Week 4 – Basketball Week, 3 v3 Tournament, Open Swim, Field Trip

Week 5 – Baseball Week, Home run derby, Open Swim, Batting Cages, World Series Game, Water Park

Week 6 – Color Wars Week, Bounce House, Open Swim Olympic Games, Obstacle Course, Field Trip

Week 7 – Soccer Week SNA Golf, Open Swim, Local Trip, Camp Carnival

Week 8 – Stick Sports Week Lacrosse Clinic, Open Swim, Local Trip, Field Trip