Northbrook Swim Lesson Curriculum 

Children are tested at the beginning of each session and grouped by ability, progressing through the levels as they master the skills.

Level I (white)—The core competency is trust and submersion. Safety skills include asking permission and safe water entry and exit.

Level II (red)—The core competency is body positions and air recovery. Safety skills include the back float air recovery position and proper use of life jackets.

Level III (yellow)—Forward movement and direction change are the focus. Safety skills include reach or throw assists and calling 9-1-1.

Level IV (blue)—Rotary movement is the core competency. Safety skills include the side glide air recovery position and treading water.

Level V (green)—The core competency is integrated movement, incorporating the side glide air recovery position with forward movement. Safety skills include further endurance in treading water and the survival float.

The Northbrook Park District is an authorized Provider of the Starfish Swimming Curriculum.

Outdoor Lessons

For Youth Swim Instruction classes, the Northbrook Park District is an independent Authorized Provider of Starfish Swimming®, a swim instruction program from the nationally recognized Starfish Aquatics Institute®. Classes are offered at Meadowhill Aquatic Center and Northbrook Sports Center Pool with a ratio of 1:6 for ages 5-14 and Preschool Swim lessons for children ages 3-5. Parent-child classes are also available for 6-month to four years old.

Competitive Stroke Clinic

Enhance and improve your swim strokes in a fun, competitive environment. Each session begins with 10 minutes of dry land warmups, followed by 50 minutes of water coaching by current or former GBN swim team participants. Instruction will focus on all four competitive strokes, personal goals and competitive starts and turns, appropriate to age and skill level. Students will learn the physical and mental benefits of swimming. Prerequisite: Students must be able to swim 50 yards continuously (two lengths of the pool) using one of the competitive strokes.