September 25, 2020 at 12:39pm

Northbrook Park District recently teamed with local environmental groups to increase the tree canopy in the community while beautifying the landscape at Salceda Park, located in the northwest corner of Northbrook.

On Wednesday, September 23, Northbrook Park District staff and Go Green Northbrook, comprised of volunteer residents who work towards making the community more environmentally friendly, joined with Chicago Region Trees Initiative out of the Morton Arboretum and Greencorps Chicago, the city of Chicago’s green industry training program, to plant 22 trees in Salceda Park. The park is located at 1010 Fairview Lane. Go Green Northbrook received the trees and installation support through a grant from the Chicago Region Trees Initiative, which provided for 20 trees. Go Green Northbrook raised additional funds for two more trees.

Salceda Park lost several ash trees to the emerald ash borer in the last few years, said Ed Dalton Director of Parks and Planning for the Northbrook Park District. The park also lost Austrian pines and several crabapple trees that had lived past their life expectancy.

“Adding more trees and protecting our existing trees helps our environment,” Dalton said. “In addition, trees add to the beauty of our parks and landscape, making our parks a tranquil getaway for Northbrook residents.”

Chicago Region Trees Initiative brought a variety of tree species to the site including American hornbeam, American plum, hackberry, shagbark hickory, chinkapin oak, shingle oak, wahoo and umbrella tree magnolia.

“It’s so encouraging to see people taking ownership of their space by planting trees,” said Trinity Pierce, Chicago Region Trees Initiative Stewardship Coordinator. “A lot of people still feel the loss of elm and ash trees and feel that need to revive trees in their community, and that makes sense. Trees are pretty phenomenal.”

Sharon Brown, a member of Go Green Northbrook, initially contacted Northbrook Park District Board Commissioner Penelope Randel about applying for the grant. Randel put Brown in touch with Director Dalton, who assisted with the application process.

“I think it’s a great partnership that benefits the entire community,” Brown said. “We’re enhancing the beauty of Salceda Park. We need places of relaxation where we can just sit and reflect.”

Pierce said trees were planted on the perimeter of the park to keep a large open space for kids to play.

“We come in and work to support current park usage,” she said. “It’s been great to partner with Go Green Northbrook and the Northbrook Park District and work with Greencorps Chicago on this project.”