October 1, 2020 at 10:42am

Northbrook Park District is celebrating OAKtober, also known in Illinois as Oak Awareness Month! Connect with the District on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and watch for weekly OAKtober facts and trivia for a chance to win prizes.

Northbrook Park District takes pride in caring for oaks which help build healthier communities, improve the soil and provide homes and food for many animals. The District manages oak groves at several properties, including Meadow Road Tot Lot, Sportsman’s Country Club, Meadowhill Park, Village Green Park and Wood Oaks Green Park. Nearly 800 oak trees populate the District’s 500-plus acres, the most common being the white oak. Many of these trees are hundreds of years old.

“The oak trees in our parks and at the golf course are some of the largest and oldest trees in the park district,” said Ed Dalton, Director of Parks and Properties. “Thousands of people enjoy the beauty and shade these magnificent trees provide.”

Recent District landscape projects include the addition of oaks. Seven oaks were planted around the new Techny Prairie Activity Center in Techny Prairie Park and Fields. Oaks were also included among the 22 trees recently planted at Salceda Park through a partnership with the District and Go Green Northbrook, including chinkapin oak and shingle oak. These additional oaks promote tree diversity in Northbrook, offering gorgeous scenery and an increased tree canopy in the community for years to come.

Caring for the oak population in parks and recreation areas is important to the Northbrook Park District and fulfills its mission to enhance the community by providing outstanding services, parks and facilities through environmental, social and financial stewardship. Practices to maintain the trees include balanced fertilization programs, tree mulch rings, insect monitoring and treatment, shallow soil aeration for foot traffic and plans for a tree replacement program.

Below are ways you can help oaks in OAKtober and beyond, according to the Chicago Region Trees Initiative:

  • Clear out weedy trees so oaks receive more sunlight.
  • Remove invasive plant species.
  • Preserve and care for your oak trees and oak woodlands.
  • Create a welcome landscape for trees, plants, birds and other wildlife.
  • Volunteer to plant and care for oak trees.

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