December 2, 2019 at 2:53pm

A theatrical element is on tap for the Northbrook Community Choir, with a new director transforming the way the Northbrook Park District singing group entertains audiences.

David Zizic, whose Park District experience includes working as music director for Northbrook Theatre for Young Audiences, Northbrook Theatre Children’s Company and summer performing arts workshops, took over as director in the fall. Zizic’s vision for the choir includes themed concerts, memorized songs and the use of lighting and props.

“I would like the concerts to be more interactive,” Zizic said. “I’m hoping to see more young people joining the choir. It’s a great intergenerational opportunity for young adults to learn about choral arts, sharpen their skills and meet people outside of their regular circles.”

Zizic said he’s proud to direct the group of 31 warm and talented singers who make up the Northbrook Community Choir. Among his techniques is directing from the piano during rehearsals.

“It’s a hands-on approach that allows me to effectively teach music and quickly adjust songs during the process,” Zizic said.

The choir’s next performance is set for Monday, December 9 at 7pm at Northbrook Public Library, 1201 Cedar Lane. The theme is “By Candlelight.” Songs will include “This Little Light of Mine” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” among many others.

“I have no doubt David’s musical expertise will shine with our community choir,” said Drew Kambach, performing arts supervisor. “I am most excited about the new ideas and energy he is bringing to the group—he wants to create engaging, entertaining and professional concerts that are enjoyed by the choir and audience members alike.”

Northbrook Community Choir is open to adults 18 and older who love music and singing. No auditions are required. In addition to the library, the choir sings at a variety of area venues and events, including the Evanston Music Festival.