Located behind Northbrook Court Shopping Center, this park offers a large playground area surrounded by picnic tables. Three tennis courts, a baseball diamond and basketball court are enclosed by a path that circles the park.

Improving Community Spaces

Williamsburg Square Park - Courtesy of Google EarthWilliamsburg Square Park Improvements Project

August 25, 2022

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As commercial development increased along Lake Cook Road, the Williamsburg Square Homeowners Association lobbied to have land donated as a buffer and used as a park for the community. The Homart Development Corporation purchased the commercial property, built Northbrook Court and agreed to donate and develop the park land, spending approximately $750,000. The land was turned over to the Park District and made available for  recreation on September 16, 1974. In 1999, the Park District received $125,000 from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for playground renovations and equipment, and a dedication was held on October 30, 1999.