200 Lee Road
Northbrook IL 60062
Hours Sunrise-Sunset
Acreage 8.56
Location Type Park
Amenities Adaptive Swing, Baseball/Softball Diamond, Basketball Court, Drinking Fountain, Field (Multi-purpose), Playground, Tennis Courts, Trails and Pathways

Located behind Northbrook Court Shopping Center, this park offers a large playground area surrounded by picnic tables. Three tennis courts, a baseball diamond and basketball court are enclosed by a path that circles the park.

Williamsburg Square Park is an available location for our Tree and Bench Donation Program. Bench donations either replace an aging bench or add a bench to open space, a bronze donor recognition plaque will be attached to the seatback of the bench. A tree donation includes the installation of a 2‐3 inch‐diameter tree and an engraved brass leaf, mounted on a donation wall at the Northbrook Leisure Center. For more information, you can check out the Tree and Bench Donation Program page.


As commercial development increased along Lake Cook Road, the Williamsburg Square Homeowners Association lobbied to have land donated as a buffer and used as a park for the community. The Homart Development Corporation purchased the commercial property, built Northbrook Court and agreed to donate and develop the park land, spending approximately $750,000. The land was turned over to the Park District and made available for  recreation on September 16, 1974. In 1999, the Park District received $125,000 from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for playground renovations and equipment, and a dedication was held on October 30, 1999.