2407 Greenview Road
Northbrook IL 60062
Hours Sunrise-Sunset
Acreage 1.88
Location Type Park
Amenities Adaptive Swing, Basketball Court, Drinking Fountain, Fitness Equipment (Outdoor), Gazebo, Playground, Shelter, Trails and Pathways

At the southwest corner of Northbrook, Greenview Park is home to a basketball court, a playground with an adaptive swing, picnic shelter and gazebo, and fitness equipment including two rowing machines, four elliptical machines, a 2-person rotator, and a leg press.


This neighborhood park is the direct result of a community-wide effort. Residents living near the site, wanting to preserve the open space, encouraged the Park District to buy the property and wrote their legislators and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources in support of an Open Space grant. The state awarded a grant of $627,000 to help the Park District purchase the property in 2005 and awarded a second grant of $245,500 in 2006 to help develop a playground, half-court basketball court, multi-use path with fitness stations, gazebo, sitting areas and extensive landscaping. More than 40 Park District residents entered a contest to name the park, and the official dedication was held on June 8, 2008.