Photo - Wood Oaks Green Park – Lake Shermerville Shoreline

The purpose of the shoreline stabilization project at Wood Oaks Green Park is to replace the metal sheet piling to correct erosion issues affecting the integrity of the seawall.

This project includes installing gradually sloped naturalized areas and Rosetta outcrop retaining walls replacing the aging sheet piling. This project will be phased in over three years and started July 7, 2021.

Phase 1 – 2021

  • A construction haul road will be installed from the parking lot off of Sanders Road to the lagoon at the northwest corner of the park.
  • Construction will begin at the southwest corner of the lake and include the lagoon area, stopping just north of the bridge that goes over the lagoon.
  • Work will consist of grading the slopes and naturalizing these areas while installing two fishing piers constructed of the Rosetta stone blocks.

See map for pathways that will be closed during Phase 1. For your safety, please avoid these areas.

Project - Shoreline Stabilization - Wood Oaks Green Park - Paths Closed During Construction

Phases 2 & 3 – 2022 & 2023

  • Sheet piling will be removed and the Rosetta stone retaining wall will be installed.
  • Two additional fishing piers will be constructed.

Park Impact in 2021

  • Phase 1 construction began July 7, 2021 and is scheduled to be completed by September 2021.
  • The 2021 project will take approximately six to nine weeks and is weather-dependent.
  • During Phase 1, the bridge will be closed and the pathway leading north to Yorkshire Lane will be closed.
  • There will be minimal impact to the north side of the parking lot.
  • Picnic areas will remain open.
  • Fishing will not be allowed near the lagoon area but will be open elsewhere along the south shoreline. Fishing is also available at Techny Prairie Park and Fields.