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Northbrook School of Dance Ballet

Northbrook School of DanceThe Northbrook School of Dance offers a recreation-based approach to dance education. With our caring, professional dance instructors, students experience an exciting program, full of dancing, performing and most importantly, the ability to learn and progress.

Our mission is to encourage students of all ages and levels and to introduce them to the wonderful world of dance while gaining the benefits of self-confidence, poise and physical well-being. Our teachers are dedicated to providing quality instruction through positive reinforcement and are actively involved in the students’ development in dance.

Dance Studios
Northbrook School of Dance features two dance studios with sprung wood floors, mirrors and ballet barres. The program is divided into the Young Dancer Program (preschool and kindergarten) and the Youth/Teen Dance Program (age 6 and older).

Annual Dance Recital
Our Annual Dance Recital is scheduled for Sunday, May 18, 2014. The TuTu 2s and Creative Movement classes end their year with an Observation Day in place of a recital.

National Association of Dance and Affiliated Artists


Dance Class Descriptions

Register online or call the Performing Arts Office at 847·291·2367 for more information.

Young Dance Programs
Our Young Dance program is designed for beginners and returning students.

Tutu 2s
This dance class is designed for the developmental needs of 2-year-olds. While learning fun creative movement, children will be introduced to socialization skills of sharing, taking turns and basic dance line and circle formations.

Preschool Creative Movement (3-4 Years)
Creative movement is an expressive way for children to use elements of dance to communicate, channel energy and develop a self awareness. Preschoolers will be exposed to a wide array of creative movements that will aid in learning about body parts, movement and spatial relationships.

Itty-Bitty Pre Dance (3-4 Years)
Participants are introduced to a low-key, lightly structured class, learning basic introductory ballet and tap steps and movement. Children must be able to use the bathroom on their own. This class culminates with an Itty-Bitty Dance Recital.

Prince & Princess Ballet (5-6 Years)
Children will focus on basic ballet steps with an introduction to ballet stories and music. The class welcomes boys and girls, who can dress for class as a favorite prince or princess. Students will use their imagination and creativity while learning ballet, the basis of all other dance forms. They will learn poise, twirling and dance!

Kinder-Ballet/Tap (5-6 Years)
Explore the basic concepts of these classical forms of dance and good classroom behaviors while developing gross and fine motor skills, strength and rhythm. Ballet concentrates on positions and movements. Students are also given the opportunity skip, twirl and pretend to be animals. Tap instruction covers skills as well as counting, rhythm and making loud and soft sounds. This class will perform a ballet dance and a tap dance in the spring recital.

Pop Hoppers (5-7 Years)
This fun, high-energy class will get everyone moving to today’s kid-friendly hits. Children will learn to combine hip hop and freestyle moves to create their own style.

Combo: Ballet/Tap (6-8 Years)
This beginning combination class provides a great introduction to ballet and tap. Children learn the basic steps and what makes each type of dance special. Prior dance training is helpful but not required.

Ballet I (6-10 Years)
Class structure and self-discipline are emphasized, with students following proper ballet etiquette. Students are introduced to the barre, learn a variety of ballet movements, and learn to memorize ballet combinations with correct musical timing.

Contemporary (9-14 Years)
Contemporary dance is based on ballet but not as funky as Jazz or Hip Hop. Students develop a greater range of body movements with the use of energy, breath phrasing, fall and rebound, contraction and release. This mix of modern dance techniques also integrates improvisation into the class and can help find a dancer’s center placement and strength. The class uses a variety of music.

Adult Dance (18 Years and Older)
Enjoy the many styles of musical theatre dance. This class begins with a jazz-based warmup and ends with choreography from a musical. The training is ideal for anyone who wants to brush up on musical theatre skills or is looking for a fun way to exercise. Adults will learn a new combination each week. Previous dance training is not required.

Dress Code

See the following dress codes listed by class. Jeans are not acceptable for any dance class.

  • Itty-Bitty Pre-Dance and Kinder-Ballet/Tap: pink ballet and black tap shoes, leotard and tights
  • Preschool Creative Movement & Dance and Tutu 2s: pink ballet shoes and comfortable clothing that allows for free movement or leotard and tights (optional)
  • Pop Hoppers: comfortable clothing that allows for free movement and jazz shoes
  • Ballet: pink ballet shoes, black leotard and pink tights, ballet skirts optional, hair secured off the face and neck, with longer hair in a bun
  • Lyrical Jazz: lyrical shoes, leotard and tights
  • Combo I (Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop): pink ballet and black tap shoes. Gym shoes can be worn for Hip Hop or black hip hop shoes or jazz sneakers (optional), leotard and tights
  • Hip Hop: loose clothing and black hip hop shoes or jazz sneakers
  • Boys: black shoes (ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop), white T-shirt and black pants

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