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Theatre and Performing Arts — Auditions


Congratulations to the cast of our first Northbrook Theatre Community Musical, Oliver!
Our first rehearsal is Sunday, April 19th from 2-5pm. We will have a brief meeting for cast members and (if minors) their parents at 2pm, then we will begin our rehearsal. Our costume designer will take measurements for costumes this Sunday and we will have a read through of the script before beginning to learn the score for our musical! 

Please come prepared to register for the program on Sunday.
Registration is $149 for residents and $199 for non-residents.

Oliver Twist Roy Gantz
Mr. Bumble Michael Pekay
Widow Corney Debra Kaden
Noah Claypole/Fagin’s Boy Ensemble Jayse Weinberg
Mr. Sowerberry/Adult Ensemble David Horwitch
Mrs. Sowerberry/Adult Ensemble Denise Krug
Charlotte/Adult Ensemble/Knife Grinder Lilly Small
Artful Dodger Owen Hechtman
Fagin Ken Kaden
Nancy Danica Osborn
Charley Bates Nolan Smeds
Orphan/Fagin’s Boy Ensemble Monique Furman
Orphan/Fagin’s Boy Ensemble/Boy/Small Boy Faith Hincapie
Orphan/Fagin’s Boy Ensemble           Maya Horwitch
Orphan/Fagin’s Boy Ensemble Caylie Jeruchimowitz
Orphan/Fagin’s Boy Ensemble Sydney Krug
Orphan/Fagin’s Boy Ensemble Jaden Levine
Orphan/Fagin’s Boy Ensemble Sabrina Schoenberg
Orphan/Fagin’s Boy Ensemble Gwyn Skiles
Orphan/Fagin’s Boy Ensemble Zack Slater
Orphan/Fagin’s Boy Ensemble/Old Lady                Erin Rosenfeld
Bet/Orphan Dani Blumenfeld
Bill Sykes Chris Sweet
Mrs. Bedwin/Long Song Seller Meghan Rosenfeld
Mr. Brownlow/Adult Ensemble Bruce Friedman
Adult Ensemble/Milkmaid/Woman Stephanie Buttell 
Adult Ensemble/Old Sally Sheryl Hoyer
Adult Ensemble/Assistant/1st Woman Melissa Levine
Orphan/Adult Ensemble Jessica Messe
Orphan/Adult Ensemble/Strawberry Seller Carly Meyer
Adult Ensemble/2nd Woman Stephanie Rentas
Orphan/Adult Ensemble/Rose Seller      llana Silver
Adult Ensemble/Dr. Grimwig Tanya Slater


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