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Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts

Wood Oaks Green Tennis CourtPark District Tennis Courts
The Park District maintains 22 outdoor courts for residents’ enjoyment. The courts are open from early-April until mid-October, although the District occasionally reserves some of them for private lessons, tournaments, schools and league play. Notification of court closings will occur in advance. Tennis Courts are generally open from sunrise to sunset.

To reserve a court, call 847·291·2980.

Locations and Facilities
  • Wood Oaks Green, 1150 Sanders Road: eight hard courts, a practice wall and restrooms
  • West Park/Northbrook Sports Center, 1730 Pfingsten Road: three asphalt courts
  • Crestwood Park, 1824 Milton Avenue: four asphalt courts and a practice wall
  • Williamsburg Square Park, 200 Lee Road: three asphalt courts
  • Oaklane Park, 636 Berglund Place: two asphalt courts
  • Stonegate Park, 3425 Whirlaway Drive: two asphalt courts

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National Tennis Rating System
Adult tennis classes are based on the rating system outlined below. Please choose classes according to your skill level.
1.0—Just starting to play tennis
1.5—Limited playing experience, working on getting the ball over the net
2.0—May have had lessons but needs court experience
2.5—Has more dependable strokes, is learning to judge where the ball is going, has weak court coverage or is often out of position
3.0—Can place shots with moderate success
3.5—Has achieved stroke dependability, direction on shots within reach, including volleys, and seldom double faults
4.0—Has dependable strokes and uses a variety, including lobs, overheads, approach shots and volleys (first serve can force some errors)
4.5—Has begun to master the use of power and spins, can serve with power and accuracy and can rush the net with some success
5.0—Has good shot anticipation and an outstanding shot or is exceptionally consistent (can hit winners or force errors regularly and has good depth and spin on most second serves)

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