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Adult Hockey Leagues

We offer one of the most competitive Adult Hockey Leagues in the Chicago area with divisions based on level of play for men and women. We provide professional referees and scorekeepers for every game.

Men's Hockey League

The league offers a 14-game season with flexible scheduling. Teams are split into divisions, based on their level of play. We offer a Recreational Division for adults who are new to hockey and experienced players who want to play for fun and exercise. The regular season is followed by a single elimination playoff tournament in late August; every team is guaranteed at least one spot in the tournament. The summer season begins with a mandatory Captains’ Meeting on May 19 at 7pm. Games begin on June 8; there are no games on July 4.

Team Registration Fee

Payment Information

  1. Teams must pay in full or arrange a payment plan before the meeting on May 19.
  2. Teams can use an electronic monthly payment process:

Credit Card Plan
After paying a $1,000 deposit, the captain completes and submits an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Form. Payments will be charged to your account on the 15th of each month.

Checking Plan 
After paying a $1,000 deposit, the captain completes and signs an EFT Form and submits a blank voided check. Payments will be withdrawn from your account on the 15th of each month.

Automatic payment schedule:
           June 15: $900              July 15: $900              August 15: $900

When the season starts, teams can begin play only after they have paid the $1,000 deposit and handed in a signed EFT Form.

Player Registration Process
All players must fill out a Registration Form with the Park District and have their picture taken for an Adult Hockey ID. Those with existing IDs will have to fill out a Registration Form. Once the form is turned in, the existing ID card will become active.

Women's Mixer Hockey League

This league welcomes beginners and advanced players. Women register as individuals, attend an Evaluation Night, and are placed on a team for a 12-game season. We try to ensure that teams are evenly balanced with players and goalies. The evaluation is on June 16 from 8-9:30pm; games begin on June 23. There are no games on July 4. Contact the Sports Center Office if you would like to be on the committee that chooses teams.

Players must be registered and paid in full before they can participate in the evaluation.

Age:  18 Years & Up

Registration Fee
Players: $185                      Goalies: $93

Days and Times
Games are on Tuesday evenings between 7:30-9:30pm.


Open Hockey

Adult Open Hockey
This is a great way for newcomers to meet some of our regular players. Drop in for organized open hockey on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. Players are divided into two teams and share equal ice time. We can accommodate up to 30 players per session plus 4 goalies.

(Must be at least 18 years old – ID required)

Open Hockey Daily Fees
1 Hour Session  $8
1.5 Hr. Session  $12
2 Hour Session  $16

Click here for schedules.

Buy a 20-swipe punch card and save 10% (each swipe of the card is $4)
$80 worth of punches for a purchase price of $72

Youth Open Hockey (Ages 13-17)
Bring your friends and stop by for open hockey! Full equipment is required. All players must be signed in by a parent or guardian for each session. A staff facilitator will assist in splitting players into teams and run the time clock to ensure that everyone receives an equal playing time.

Youth Open Hockey Daily Fees
1 hour session - $8
1.5 hour session - $12

Sticks & Pucks (Ages 5-9)
Full equipment is required for this pick-up game. Kids can practice their hockey skills while enjoying the company of their friends. Parents or guardians are welcome with full equipment and a signed waiver.

Qualified hockey coaches can teach up to two students during these sessions. Coaches must provide a Certificate of Insurance and Coaching Agreement Form.

Sticks & Pucks Daily Fees
1 hour sessions - $8          
1.5 hour sessions - $12

Buy a 20-swipe punch card and save 10% (each swipe of the card is $4)
$80 worth of punches for a purchase price of $72
Swipe cards are valid for all Open Hockey sessions.

If you have questions, stop by the Sports Center Office or call 847·291·2993.

Alcohol Policy
Northbrook Park District policy prohibits the use of alcohol on District property, and our staff is required to enforce this policy. Program participants who do not comply with our policies will be asked to leave the facility and may be removed from programs or leagues. The Park District is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for our customers.

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