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Lake Shermerville

Lake Shermerville
Location: Wood Oaks Green, 1150 Sanders Road
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  • Lake Shermerville14.7 acre lake
  • Fishing

The lake provides a picturesque location for relaxing and fishing. Fishing is on a catch-and-release basis.

Each spring, the Park District hosts a Kids' Fishing Derby at the lake, providing rods, bait, help from volunteers and prizes. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources stocks the lake, and fishing licenses are not needed on Derby day.

Lake Shermerville is man-made. In case of excess runoff, the lake drains into the Des Plaines River.

A footnote for history and trivia fans: Northbrook used to be named Shermerville, for Frederick Schermer, a land owner who donated property for the first railroad station. After bars and taverns attracted rowdy visitors, concerned citizens wanted to change the name of the village to clean up its image, and Shermerville was renamed Northbrook in 1923.

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