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Glenbrook North High SchoolIndoor Open Swim
Reopens Fall 2015
Enjoy a Sunday afternoon with family and friends at the Glenbrook North High School pool. For updates, visit or call the swim information hotline, 847·291·2985.

$3/swimmer (cash or check only)
Children under 24 months free


Indoor SwimmingIndoor Swimming Lessons

Join us for indoor lessons during the school year (September-May) at Glenbrook North High School.

Youth Swim Instruction: The Northbrook Park District is an independent Authorized Provider of Starfish Swimming®, a swim instruction program from the nationally recognized Starfish Aquatics Institute®.

Private Swim Lessons also are available. For more information, click here and select the current Program Guide.

Northbrook swim lessons follow Starfish Swim/Stroke School. The philosophy of Starfish Swim/Stroke School is based upon several core beliefs that include:

  • A relationship exists between instructor behaviors and student performance
  • Students learn in different ways and have different readiness levels
  • The focus should be on ability, not disability, achievement, not errors
  • Multiple methods of instruction, including “learn by doing” results in higher levels of student performance.
  • Effective instructional methods can be learned and developed.

Northbrook Swim Lesson Curriculum

Stage Safety Skill Benchmarks Swim Skill Benchmarks
Level 1
Always ask permission before getting in the water; put on a life jacket; float on back; kick 20 feet Jump in, submerge, recover for air, lay on back (kicking and finning) for 5 seconds
Level 2
Reach or Throw (Don’t Go) and know how to call 911; tread water for 15 seconds Jump in, submerge, kick 10 feet, change direction and recover to side glide position
Level 3
Survival float and tread water for 30 seconds Swim freestyle 30 feet with breathing, and swim 30 feet of triple-switch backstroke
Level 4
Put on life jacket in the water; use flotation to assist a swimmer, and know how and when to call 911 Swim 30 feet backstroke; swim four strokes of butterfly with only one breath, then swim the remainder of the pool length freestyle
Level 5
Discuss the Starfish Safety Concepts; tread water or survival float for two minutes Swim 30 feet of breaststroke; swim all strokes with proper timing and movements

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