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Facility and Staff Directory

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Fax: 847·291·0218

Village Green Athletics and Aquatics
1810 Walters Avenue
Fax: 847·291·9858

Angus Shields, CPRP, Assistant Manager of Athletics and Aquatics; ashields
George Baumgardt, Leisure Services Supervisor; gbaumgardt
John Wilhelm, Leisure Services Supervisor; jwilhelm
Ethan Williams, Leisure Services Supervisor; ewilliams
Crystal Corral, Office Supervisor; ccorral

Leisure Center
3323 Walters Avenue
Fax: 847·291·0218

Frank Lamberti, Leisure Services Manager; flamberti
Tiffany Greene, CPRP, Leisure Services Supervisor; tgreene
Amanda Himert, Leisure Services Supervisor; ahimert
Amy Kopecky, Leisure Services Supervisor; akopecky
Wendy Friedman
, Office Supervisor; wfriedman

Senior Center
3323 Walters Avenue
Fax: 847·291·0218

Northbrook Sports Center
1730 Pfingsten Road
Fax: 847·272·0303

Eileen Loftus, Leisure Services Manager; eloftus
Heather Aseltine, Leisure Services Supervisor; haseltine
Laila Schlesinger, Leisure Services Supervisor; lschlesinger
Maura Drew, Leisure Services Supervisor; mdrew
Bruce Friedman, Building Supervisor; bfriedman
Randy Truhlar, Building Maintenance Supervisor; rtruhlar

Northbrook Theatre
3323 Walters Avenue
Fax: 847·291·0218

Erin Sweet, Assistant Manager of Performing Arts; esweet
Kurt Ottinger, Performing Arts Supervisor; kottinger
Drew Kambach, Performing Arts Supervisor; dkambach

545 Academy Drive
Fax: 847·205·1154

Rick Hanetho, CPRP, Executive Director/CEO; rhanetho
Mindy Munn, Director of Finance; mmunn
Elsa Fischer, CPRP, Director of Leisure Services; efischer
Chuck Trongnetpanya, IT and Staff Development Director; ctrongnetpanya
Jean Truelsen, Human Resources Manager; jtruelsen
Barb Dettman, Business Manager; bdettman
Laurel Hall, Human Resources Supervisor; lhall

Marketing and Communications Department
545 Academy Drive

Ann Ziolkowski, CPRP, Marketing Director; aziolkowski
Joy Stuart, Communication Supervisor; jstuart
Gail Baritz, Communication Specialist; gbaritz

Parks and Planning Department
545 Academy Drive
Fax: 847·205-1154

Ed Dalton, Parks and Properties Director; edalton
Kris Scharp, CPRP, Park Operations Manager; kscharp
Brad Malone, Risk Management Analyst; bmalone
Jennifer Rooks-Lopez, Project Manager; jrooks-lopez
Jacob Vest, Project Supervisor; jvest
Michael Brouillard, Grounds Manager; mbrouillard

Sportsman’s Country Club
3535 Dundee Road
Fax: 847·291·9436

Greg Baron, PGA, Golf Operations Director; gbaron
John Billiter, PGA, Head Golf Professional; jbilliter
Michael Wenzel, PGA, Director of Instruction for Northbrook Golf Academy; mwenzel

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