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Requests for Bids and Proposals

A potential vendor/contractor must notify the Planning Department when the vendor/contractor has downloaded a request for proposal/bid from this list and intends to submit a proposal/bid for the same. Addenda will be sent only to those vendors/contractors who have contacted the Planning Department
and advised that they have downloaded a request for bids or proposals. Please provide any such notification to Theresa Glatzhofer by phone (847·897·6119) or email ( The Park District will attempt to timely post any addenda on this website, but potential vendors/contractors shall remains responsible for obtaining all addenda to the original specification prior to the proposal/bid deadline. In the event a vendor/contractor fails to obtain any respective addenda prior to the proposal/bid deadline as required hereunder, the vendor/contractor shall not be able to modify its proposal/bid.

  • Forward submittals in sealed envelopes, clearly marked with the bid number, the name of the bid, and the date and time of the scheduled opening.
  • Plan Holder's Lists are not released prior to awarding of the contract.
  • Bid tabulations represent "as read" submittals at the time of the bid opening; they do not represent contract awards.
Current Bid Openings
  RFP Project Manual Addendum Full Size Prints/ExhibitsBid Summary
Request for Proposal
Comprehensive Master Plan
#2085 District Painting         pdf
#2084 District Pavement Replacement and Maintenance         pdf
#2081 Theatre Flooring         pdf
#2079 Sportsman’s Country Club
Exterior Door Replacement
#2078 Northbrook Sports Center
Hot Water Tank & Heater Replacement
#2075 Northbrook Sports Center
Exterior Lighting Upgrade


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